October 07, 2010

The final photos of our home renovation

A long time ago, back when we started our house project - I started out the documentation of our lengthy home renovation process. You can see the posts under our House Renovation link on the right side. But I never took any final photos. Well, someone else did - a talented architectural photographer, Jonathan Jackson ...He made our house look great. What a talent. Our architect submitted our house and it was chosen for the AIA tour this year, and Jonathan Jackson was the official photographer of the tour. The tour apparently sold between 4000-5000 tickets. That means thousands of people walked through our home. Umm....strange. But years ago, the AIA tour is what originally inspired us to hire an architect and start our home project, so we were happy to let them borrow our home for the weekend (even though it was awkward to have so many strangers in our home).

Get ready for our little tour... You can call this number to get the audio
that goes with this tour. (provided by AIA) . Call 512.590.8362 (USA number) and enter #3 to hear about the Chan house.
Here are a few photos.

As a reminder, this is what the house used to look like. Nice, huh? Looks like it has been through a war. It was actually just a hailstorm. And it has a few years on it.

And here it is today. Now we just try to keep it clean and free of bird droppings.

A lot of people don't realize this, but our wonderful Architect, Hugh Randolph - worked hard on the re-design of the front part of our house. He transformed the front of the house to look clean and traditionally modern- Americana. We like the front because it's simple and blends in with the neighborhood. It usually causes surprise in people because of the ultramodern design inside and in the back of the house.

The above and below photos weren't taken by JJ - but I found them (not sure who took them). The above garage was a project/story in itself. We wanted to save our live oak tree (Texans - you know how valuable live oaks are to us) - so we built the garage around the tree. We realize most people don't do this- but we are happy that we made the decision. We wanted to use the garage as a pavilllion (and keep it empty except for cars) for parties and also for outdoor play with the kids. It has been a great outdoor shelter from the heat in the summer when kids want to play outside. It also has been nice to drive into a clean and white garage - what a strange concept, huh? We are using a shed for garage storage.

Can you guess where the bathroom is? Hmmm... I don't think any visitors have been able to find it without assistance.

We have a secret James Bond door for our bathroom. And we're not exactly sure why.
In our previous house, our cabinets were original circa 1927. Let me tell you, cabinets have come a long way since 1927. We don't have wood shavings sprinkled on top of our pans every time we open the drawer above the pot cabinet. Ahh, clean pots.
The Chan family in action. The bar shelf you see below is a preserved pecan tree from Shady Grove RV park in Austin (a special spot that has been a sentimental victim of the condo madness in downtown Austin)...our little attempt for a story.

William's favorite part of the house - the media cabinet.

The screened in porch - aka - the cat room...also aka the "art room".

And that's it...a few final photos of our long house project. Maybe down the road, I'll post a few pics of our current construction project in my favorite room - the playroom. Friends and family, hope y'all will visit us soon.