September 03, 2010

DTE - for Baby #2!

What does that mean? That means, we have officially completed our US paperwork for our 2nd adoption with Ethiopia. The paperwork is called our "dossier". Our dossier is officially in Ethiopia .... so we are "officially" waiting for Liam's little brother. We hope to get our referral (a match with a baby) sometime between 4-6 months. The journey of adoption is not predictable, so who knows what will happen - but that is the current best guess. Here's our photo with the UPS guys who do all of our notarizations and paperwork. They are near our home and are father and son.
Here's the FIRST photo from when we sent off Liam's dossier .....
It's a very special moment for an adoptive family.

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Piper said...

I haven't opened my computer in ages!! It's so nice to catch up on your precious family!! I can't wait to hear the news of your much anticipated referral!! Afterall, I need someone who is adopting to live vicariously through!! ;) So excited for you guys. Love y'all!!