July 25, 2010

Liam meets his Kong Kong and Por Por for the first time!

Malaysia, here we come. Our first opportunity to introduce Liam to his family in Malaysia.

And he passes one test - he loves Rambutans. (Durians....uhh... not so much)

Swimming with Daddy at Bukit Gambang

Hanging out in the garden with Por Por and Neslo

Beachside in Kuantan
Drum party with cousins and Aunty Elaine
All Chans know how to play a piano
Meeting with friends
The important activity of eating with family and friends.
All smiles with cousins
Looking up to cousins
Lots of fun time with friends
Hanging with Uncle Joshua
Aunt Elaine is much fun
Loving the Kong Kong and Por Por time!
Favorite photo!
Por Por and Liam
I want to hold your hand, Kong Kong.
I love my family in Malaysia and don't want to leave! (Have been talking about it ever since)
Stopping off in Singapore to relax - here's our hotel, the old post office.
But why didn't we make a reservation at this wacky hotel? Maybe next time.
Reconnecting with old friends in Singapore

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