April 11, 2010

Neighborhood Party


Flip Flops . . . Check.
Live Music . . . Check.
Drink in hand . . . Check.
Dance moves . . . Check.

What do you think - does Liam belong in Austin, or what?


Andrew said...

As Austin as they come. Like the hair. Cool :-)

Andrew said...

I didn't see the video in the beginning because it didn't load up. Wow! Liam. American Idol eat your heart out!

Love the moves, especially at the end, where there is even a breakdance-like finale. Bravo!

alisa said...

So cute! Micah has that same bouncy-groove...and, he loves music!

Jennie Allen said...

I am just finding your blog! How can this be? I love the moves- he fits for sure....

Ariel Wilson said...

oh my gosh the little baby in the picture is soooo cute!! x3