March 20, 2010

Gramma and Grampa visit from Nebraska!

Of course each grandparent visit, starts out with a grandson gift.

Dragging grandma and grandpa out for Liam's daily walk. Can't beat the neighborhood scenery.

Hanging out in the playroom. . . for some playtime.

Grandpa and Mommy playing finger soccer. Someone keeps stealing our soccer ball. Hmmm.

Listening to live music while chomping on sweet potato fries at
central market. Best kid/adult friendly place in Austin.
Bad parent note: missed video opp of Liam's (and grandparent's) chairdancing routines.

Goosetalk during walk behind central market:

Loving some Daddy time on the walk

Hanging out with gramma during brunch at Russells

This is what Liam looks like past his nap deadline:

Liam, the pantless wonder, and his favorite activity - showing off his great knowledge of the alphabet and numbers to his grandfolk.

The grandparent photoshoot begins:

Wow, no goldfish in the mouth.

Note for next photo....Liam continues to keep "B" in close proximity.

A symbolic photo....for the insiders.
Hint: Liam has an emotional attachment to the letter "B"

And the must for all visitors to the house of Chan
... a Tex-Mex stop at Santa Ritas for some Queso.

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