April 11, 2010

Neighborhood Party

Flip Flops . . . Check.
Live Music . . . Check.
Drink in hand . . . Check.
Dance moves . . . Check.

What do you think - does Liam belong in Austin, or what?

April 07, 2010

Family time at Easter

A few random shots of a very commercialized Easter celebration egg hunt in Liam's playroom...Elmo bunny ears basket and all... hmmmmmmm. How did this happen?

Liam is running circles around Ya Ya and Papa. He is so excited - even before his first dose of sugar. Can you spot the "hidden" eggs?:

After his first bite of a sweet marshmallow peep. Faster than the speed of sound. Time to re-think future egg hunts.

Checking out some goods from the grandparents and the Easter Bunny. The $1 hand-winding walking chick is a success.

Taking Ya Ya and Papa out for the daily walk. Ahhhhhhhhh:


Playing "truck" with YaYa:
What, no photos of Uncle Chris??
How did this happen?