November 25, 2009

1 year ago today...

We saw our son's face for the very first time - on 11/25/08 - and received our official referral. Words can't explain what it was like for us to get that phone call and open up that email to see the first photo of him.
And soon afterwards, we were off to celebrate Thanksgiving with our family and were able to share the photo with our relatives and celebrate. And now, a year later, we are celebrating Thanksgiving again - and instead of a photo to share - we have our son with us to introduce to many....including his great grandmother!

We are so thankful.


alisa said...

Can you believe it's been a year...and all that our families have experienced!! Our little guys are right where they belong!!

DorT said...

A WHOLE year of blessings, joy and happiness! Yay!