September 25, 2009

Liam's 1st Birthday!

Liam is 1! His 2 front teeth came in on his special day. Now he has a whopping 4 teeth....and he has just started taking steps. And he is keeping us in smiles. Mommy and Daddy were very excited to celebrate this special occasion. We went to Houston for the day for a trip to Grandma's house....and the zoo.

Texas Live Oaks
Malayan Tigers

Checking out the elephantsLooking up to Daddy
Note: Teaser for future blog post photo
Saying hello
Coming home to open all the birthday presents...wheeeeee
Opening up his first present

Getting a bit more comfortable with opening presents...

Getting fired up...

Favorite present of all: The new Drum (He already wore through his old one)

Playing in his new rocket ship

Ready to eat his cake in his special cake eating uniform

The celebration fanfare

The signature photograph...

Uncle time...A comfy spot

Can I touch your beard, please?

After Liam goes to bed, the adults get a special cake to celebrate...mmmmmmm


audrey said...

Liam looked absolutely happy on his special day. What a blessing he must be to you guys! Love the Bob the Builder outfit.

Cara was a huge BTB fan. Her 2nd b'day cake was a BTB cake! The baker couldn't believe it's for a little girl. Of course, all this is before her 3rd birthday when she's turned all Princess and ballerina!

DorT said...

Brilliant! Loving the pictures.

DorT said...

Brilliant! Loving the pictures.