September 07, 2009

Back in NY

This time - upstate - in Ithaca - for a beautiful wedding.
A lovely friend of mine married a Cornell professor. So, as a bonus, we were able to visit William's alma mater - first time William had been there since he graduated college. The wedding and reception were on the Cornell campus. We were surrounded by college students and visited the old hang-outs.
Weather was perfect - sweet friends - and many memories and stories from William's college days. What a great time.We took many walks around campus with Liam.

Liam takes a nap with Elmo in the hotel room before the wedding ceremony.

How did I end up with such good looking guys?

Absolutely beautiful and historical chapel - right on Cornell campus.

Sweet Daddy took sweet (and talkative) Liam for walks around the chapel throughout most of the ceremony.
The gorgeous bride and groom... such a beautiful wedding. The music, the sermon, the chapel....the people.... wonderful.

Liam at his first wedding reception

Liam thinks the tiara and necklace are toys just for him.

Liam loved his time with good friends!

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DorT said...

And WHERE are the pictures of the pretty mama at this here wedding?