August 25, 2009

First family vacation

We introduced Liam to NYC! And we took along our sweet 'lil sis' that I used to nanny back in college days (who is now a teenager - wow) whose name I won't mention so she won't be embarrassed by a googleable (yeah, that's a word) search on the Chan Clan :)

Favorite stops:
Visiting friends
Wicked and South Pacific on Broadway
H & M
top of Empire State Building
Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken
Central Park
Stardust Diner (Liam's favorite)
seeing David Letterman spontaneously climb through the upstairs window of the pizza place we were eating light up a cigar on the roof with Regis Philbin

Least favorite stops:
Coney Island
Stinky elevators in subway

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DorT said...

Today NYC, soon Kuantan!