June 21, 2009

First Father's Day

Happy Father's Day! Today was a happy day ...full of great reason to celebrate.

We have a little fish pond with a waterfall in our backyard and for the first time today, a gorgeous lotus flower bloomed in the water. Of course, it was to commemorate William's natural bloom into Liam's wonderful father.

We were able to celebrate Father's Day today with a nice family visit - Liam was very excited to have special visitors once again.
Even Aunt and Uncle came all the way from Arizona ...and met Liam for the first time.

We showed them the latest on our little house project. They were so polite, trying their best not to cough and sputter through all the dust and muck everywhere.

Liam shared some ideas about a play room.
And here is our family trying very hard to envision our dusty, foamed structure of raw materials as a livable home.

and Liam had some hang time with just him and his Da Da.

June 18, 2009

How to make an old house brand spankin new

Here's a couple videos of our builder working on our new house - Insulation! Exciting stuff, especially if you currently live in an 84 year old leaky house, like we do. (Our new house is only 70 years young)

We are a bit obsessed with making our new home green and energy efficient, if not for our current lack of green efficiency but also because Austin is a great city to build green. Austin probably has one of the best greenbuilding programs in the country. So they say. . .
I did learn a lot in the city workshop - well worth your time if you are building in Austin.

Also a few clips on our exterior siding. Beware, this might only be interesting if you're into home improvement and "green" homebuilding.

Here's our master bath... Ahhhhh...I wonder what it will be like to have non-leaky windows in our home. At this point, I can only imagine the future smiling faces while opening our utility bills each month.

(Did I just put smiling and bills in the same sentence?)

June 16, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa Johnson visit Liam

Grandpa and Grandma came all the way from Nebraska to visit Liam. And boy....did Liam love it. Grandpa Bob dressed up as his alter ego, Bob the Builder. Once we finally allow Liam to watch television, we know that he will be excited to discover that his own Grandpa has his own television show...and theme song.

Does Liam look excited, or what?

Grandpa and Grandma reading Liam bedtime stories. They specialize in double team sound effects. Very impressive sports car sounds...Liam was mesmerized.Grandpa and Liam had some bonding moments in the backseat throughout the week.
Liam discovered ears this week!
And he also reminds us that he knows where the tongue is too.
Liam couldn't get enough of his Grandma Nancy time.

Grandpa and Uncle time....

The family shot...hanging out by the lake.

Goodbye Grandpa and Grandpa!! We'll miss you very much!