February 18, 2009

Welcome to Ethiopia!

We are in Ethiopia! We are in Addis Ababa which is a beautiful mountainous region with close to 3 million people. Addis has a very strong United Nations presence and is also the place to meet for all African nations. Lots going on in this bustling town.

Here we are trying to tote all our luggage which is comparably minature from all the other family donations that get brought into Ethiopia. If you fly into Ethiopia via Europe...beware - the small planes cause problems with luggage restrictions.
There are soooo many people on the "highways" and streets of Addis Ababa. Most people walk along the side of the roads as late model vans act as public buses for others in the community.
A typical storefront in Addis Ababa.

We saw this at one of the 2 "fancy hotels" in Addis Ababa (Hilton and Sheraton)....safety is stressed in this AIDS impacted country.
Here I am once again, giving a fashionable effort to mesh in with the crowd. Who knows, there might have been one person that mistook me for an Ethiopian.

I love this photo ...it shows the community of Addis Ababa...and I'm so curious as to know what that woman is doing with that giant leaf - but I'm sure it's incredibly fabulous and useful -whatever it is. I think the people of Addis would put "Green/Re-use" groups here in Austin (and Cali!) to shame...and then just laugh.

The top 5 things that myself and others can learn from Ethiopia....according to me:

1. Don't allow anyone to use credit. There is no mortgage crisis in Ethiopia.
2. Life is good when a single woman can walk late at night and feel totally safe.
3. Life CAN be good when there are hundreds of people walking outside late at night, "hanging out" (Just visit Addis!)
4. Community and social life is essential to quality of life... (hmm...it's not toys or a brand new episode of 24?)
5. Waste does not exist for the survival of the fittest.

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