February 24, 2009

Waiting....still waiting.... to bring home our son

We continue to wait...praying that Liam's health will improve.
We try to occupy our time to get our minds off the situation.
One of our favorite places was the St. George Art Gallery...here we are with the lead designer and artist, Saba.
We loved Fasika...Ethiopian food and singing. Alazar, our driver went with us and helped us with ordering. Alazar was our driver all week and we just loved him. He spoke great English and was so helpful in teaching us about the culture of Ethiopia. He's a great tour guide and we highly recommend him - call him when you are in Addis Ababa.

Liam is still sick...but that doesn't stop us from going to our appointment at the U.S. Embassy!
We take a nurse with us - and we grab the IV. AWAA and Fortuna, the nurse - were so helpful - Fortuna saved the day!
Fortuna also allowed us take Liam into our hotel room for 2 hours - while she waited for us downstairs. This is our first time alone with him....it was so special. We really cherished this time. But he still wasn't well enough to stay with us.

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Christina said...

was william drinking honey wine? i tried it and was NOT a fan!