March 27, 2009

Recommendations from the Present, Past and Future

We've been so blessed from many with all sorts of advice and recommendations on raising baby Chan. It's like this "instant" supportive network right under our nose! We've also been researching and reading all sorts of things in an attempt to qualify ourselves as "fit parents".
(Although, wasn't that what the horrendous adoption bureaucratic process was for?)

I have to say there is an overwhelming amount of baby-raising data for the energetic, ambitious and zealous first time parents. It seems like the first few years are saturated with information....then it tails off.... then by the time they are teenagers...everyone gives up on providing information and pretending to know what the right thing is to do.

But now, we are fresh and in the baby honeymoon we are going to act like we are on top of things and in control. This is especially easy to do before the walking stage. It's easy to control baby when he can't move without your assistance. I have a feeling that prayers and our dependence on God will increase with every mobile phase that develops with Liam (crawling, walking, running.....uhhh....driving). Right now, we'll just keep pretending that we are in control.

I'm also checking out baby blogs, and found this post that made me laugh at the "big picture" of trying to do the right thing with babies. I've been to Ireland before and remember the Irish saying that Guinness was good for pregnant women...but I honestly thought they were joking...(Apparently, iron is in Guinness...and heck, why not use beer for an iron source for your growing baby? Who in the world really wants to eat liver, kidneys or oat bran?)

This advertisement just cracks me up....wonder what wacky thing we parents are doing in this generation that will look a bit crazy to our children and grandchildren.

Send us your best baby tips!!


DorT said...

My mum got offered Guiness in the hospital....figure that out!

DorT said...

By the way, you are as in charge as Liam will lead you to believe! Mwahahahaha! The child is the real boss...they just lull you into the false sense of security that you are the boss!

Rob and Emily said...

Shelley, you are SO right that once your kids hit about 6 you are pretty much on your own. With a 10- and 8-year-old, I often wonder, why is there no "What to Expect" for the elementary school years? :-) Actually, it's probably because those are the easy years, the ones in which you are rewarded for all the work you put into the baby & toddler years. And they haven't hit puberty yet!

Here's my advice- trust yourself! All that advice can be helpful, but it can also become overwhelming, especially when you get completely opposite advice from different parents, or when someone insists that if you don't do things the way they did you will ruin your kid. There is a reason God gave YOU Liam. What works for him (and you) may not be exactly what worked for someone else, and that's ok! You're his parents and you will do just fine.