March 26, 2009

Liam's first class

Liam had his first class, an infant music class provided by the Austin Lyric Opera.
I thought an infant class would be silly...but boy, did he love it. He responded to the music and the unison of the class - and the other babies. I had him sitting on my lap, but he wouldn't have it... he insisted on standing up to dance - he forgot that he didn't know how to walk. That boy wants to dance. He was soooo excited - it was probably more entertaining for me to watch him in all of that excitement of the "live music scene".

From Liam's perspective...checking out the babes. He enjoyed shaking his green mini baby music maker.

It was a bit awkward for me to take pictures since I was an active participant... but what's a new mom to do during her child's first music class? I couldn't resist.

Here is Liam with his bells on.


DorT said...

Let's face the music and DANCE! Go Liam! Go Liam!

Anonymous said...

How funny! We just went to a baby music class today! My mom told me to check out your blog b/c Liam went to one too! Too bad we aren't in the same city and could go together...Liz