March 30, 2009

Happy One Month Home, Liam!

Liam has been home with us for one month. We can't remember life without him.
We visited our pediatrician today, Dr. McMains at Longhorn Pediatrics....(we love him) for Liam's 6 month checkup. Liam is officially in the 25th percentile growth chart of his age group!!!
This is amazing news for us - especially since Liam wasn't even on the growth chart at all, when he started his life in Ethiopia. He was 7 lbs at 4 months. Now, at 6 months he is 16 pounds. He is healthy and all is well. Thank you, Lord!


DorT said...

Blessings aplenty! May he continue to grow and thrive! Happy One month home little Liam Lion!

Katie Sherman said...

Hi there! My name is Katie Sherman and my husband and I are adopting from Ethiopia. We have been on the wait list with Dossier in-country for over 9 months and expect to get a referral any day! We have asked for a boy 12 months or younger. I came across your blog because I was googling pediatricians who specialize in Ethiopian adoption and your blog came up with this post about your doctor! I am wondering if he specializes in International adoption? Also, we are looking for other young couples who have adopted from Ethiopia to connect with in Austin and would love to meet you guys sometime! You can email me at Thanks!