February 27, 2009

First experience with Liam

Things are going good with Liam and we are taken to a restaurant to eat lunch with the other families. William is pretty excited to start taking the first photos of his son....so he just starts shooting away.... My mommy instincts seem to quickly start up...I sense something....something is about to happen....
And then I realize that a "waterfall" comes down my legs and a huge puddle of poo is in my lap. Those Ethiopian diapers from the orphanage definitely do not hold up. How does a little guy like this create this much poo at one time?

At this point, I'm not sure what to do... there is so much...it's everywhere... (be glad this is not documented)
As Robel congratulates Liam on officially entering me into motherhood, I am ....uhhh...
That little stinker.

Well, I passed the entrance exam. I'm not sure how we both got cleaned up...(esp. without a changing room anywhere)...but we survived...and Liam even got fed! But we did have to leave an extra big tip for the ruined chair that we left. Liam has no problem making his mark.


jill coen said...

I'm pretty sure this is the same place I received the first blowout. Welcome to Mommyhood! :)

Piper said...

Hahaha! Girl...it's not just the Ethiopian diapers! ;) Peanut did the same thing to me on Mother's Day last year. I was covered from mid belly to my knees!! Gotta love those special "bonding moments"! :)