February 21, 2009

The street kids in Addis Ababa

We visited the street kids in Addis Ababa! Those of you who are adopting through AWAA
will be familiar with Robel and his street kids outreach. Here we are taking them to a cafe for sodas.

Seriously...aren't these kids BEAUTIFUL!

This was so funny. The sweet boy below actually asked William to take this posed photo...he wanted to be documented as a distinguished and concerning customer of the cafe.

Ok, the one below was my all-time favorite. He ran and jumped up into my arms as soon as he saw me :) He was only 5 years old. Both of his parents are blind and beg in the street.

Ok, we must note...we are NOT Obama fans! We did not vote for him and we don't agree with many of his policies. Ok, but politics aside, he is our president and we respect him. I couldn't resist bringing Obama shirts for the kids. They just love Obama over there...everyone was talking and asking about him and stating that his father was from Kenya :) Ok, and my last political side note.... they LOVE Bush over there because all that he has done for Africa (and Ethiopia).

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