February 28, 2009

Flying home to the USA

There was a sweet man taking photographs of us during our flight - unknown to us. We were so enamored by our beautiful boy that we didn't notice much going on around us.

We ended up having to wait at the Ethiopian airport for hours...because of a ticket mistake. For those that are adopting from Ethiopia - beware - you need to have a paper ticket for your infant.

I prepared earplug goodie bags for our nearby passengers because I was scared to death that Liam may start screaming during the flight. But he didn't make one peep! He was so good through both flights....we were amazed.

This is the first shot that I took of Liam on American soil. Look at those rosy cheeks!! Quite a change from being so sick just a day ago....
I love this shot...we are in Washington DC going through customs. Doesn't he look like the most wonderful American immigrant ever?

A happy dad on the Austin leg flight home....

Ahhhhhhhhhh....... WELCOME HOME LIAM!!!!


DorT said...

Welcome home indeed, little soldier and very brave parents. Your journey has been and will continue to be an inspiration to us all. Enjoy! (and YES...it does get better every second of every minute of every day!)

Anonymous said...

Hi William and Shelley & Liam!!! We are so happy for you guys, and thoroughly enjoyed the update with all of the pictures. God bless you 3 =) Love, Marla

DrewCareyShow said...

It was so much fun watching you guys have your experience on that flight home. It was an absolute stroll down memory lane for carey and I (plus some new memories with Tigist:) You are a beautiful family and hopefully we will see u at the blog union in chicago in August. Be well and stay in touch-

Drew aka sweet man:)