February 23, 2009

Finally meeting OUR SON!

The day has finally come! It is the day where we get to go to the orphanage and meet our son!!
Unfortunately we find out that Liam is very sick. So sick that he can't even open up his eyes.

Even though Liam is sick, I am still ecstatic just to be able to hold him.

We can't describe the profound experience of our adoption of our beautiful son on this day...in our silly blog. And I'm not even going to attempt to describe it.
But what the heck, I'll post a few photos.

William's first moment with his son!

Ahhh, the day is over...and we aren't taking home our son. His condition does not improve....and all we can do is pray.


DorT said...

Magic moments! Such a blessing then and look how far you have come now! Blessings abundant, Chans!

Steve and Anna said...

These pics bring tears to my eyes! I am so thankful for all God did and that you now have your boy in your arms!
love and prayers!

alisafmartin@yahoo.com said...

Ahhhhh...just went through all your posts! What an amazing journey! I can't wait the get to Addis myself...looks like such an amazing place, with amazing people!!!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your site just flipping through the various blogs. But yours was special. I read every post about your son. Shelly the photos of you with such a big smile holding your son brough tears to my eyes.
Tell your son when he asks about being adopted that some mommies just get what ever baby their body makes, but Liam - he was chosen by you two out of all the babies in the whole world to be part of the family. Tell him that you loved him enough to work for years to get him home.
You are amazing people and I'm so happy for you - even though I've never met you.
BTW LOVE the rocking boat! Seems like you have some very amazing friends too.
Thank you for making your site public, it really struck a cord with me.