February 20, 2009

A Day with Hamid

We visited our sponsored child (through Compassion) and it was quite an unforgettable experience. He is such a precious, smart and handsome little boy!

Of course, we had to bring him a bit of Texas - a Longhorns hat ...and some sports gear. He was excited about the soccer ball....the baseball and gloves- not so much! We attempted to explain the concept of American baseball...but he couldn't stop drooling over his soccer ball! He's dressed up to the nines for our special visit in an outfit that we helped purchase for him through Compassion.
He wanted me to take some shots of him at his school - which is where we met him - with his favorite school book - Math!
I love this photo of him - and his Sunday School teacher.
He wanted to take us to his home...so we walked through the slums to get to it...we actually had to walk through 2 other people's houses to get to get inside his house because there was no private door available.
His house was the size of our bathroom (and we have small bathrooms). His mother was there and she was so beautiful - as you can see. She served us this delicious snack of toasted barley. Above, he is "formally" thanking me - and practicing his English by saying "I love you" - so cute! I couldn't believe that we had this time to "hang out" in his home with him and his mother...so special.

His mother wants to show us her vegetable stand so we walk there...and of course....buy some delicious veggies! She didn't own a scale and had to "borrow" one from another stand to weigh the vegetables. We found out later that she has to pay rent just to use this inexpensive scale.

Visiting our sponsored child gave us a unique glimpse into the culture of Ethiopia. We are so grateful for this experience and it has made us so much closer to our sponsored child and his family. What a connection. Compassion is a rock solid organization and couldn't have been more helpful for our trip. They are doing such good things for the impoverished children of Ethiopia. We can't recommend this organization enough...and we definitely encourage a visit...it's a life changing moment.

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