February 28, 2009

Flying home to the USA

There was a sweet man taking photographs of us during our flight - unknown to us. We were so enamored by our beautiful boy that we didn't notice much going on around us.

We ended up having to wait at the Ethiopian airport for hours...because of a ticket mistake. For those that are adopting from Ethiopia - beware - you need to have a paper ticket for your infant.

I prepared earplug goodie bags for our nearby passengers because I was scared to death that Liam may start screaming during the flight. But he didn't make one peep! He was so good through both flights....we were amazed.

This is the first shot that I took of Liam on American soil. Look at those rosy cheeks!! Quite a change from being so sick just a day ago....
I love this shot...we are in Washington DC going through customs. Doesn't he look like the most wonderful American immigrant ever?

A happy dad on the Austin leg flight home....

Ahhhhhhhhhh....... WELCOME HOME LIAM!!!!

Passing time before our flight leaves tonight

Our flight leaves late tonight, so we visit a coffee processing plant. Coffee is said to have originated in Ethiopia. The coffee tasted wonderful.
Here are the 3 babies that are going home today! I hope we're able to reunite some day and get this same photograph years from now.

February 27, 2009

We have Liam all to ourselves...finally.

We finally get back to our hotel...and we have Liam...to ourselves... forever!
Ok, well for at least the next 18 years :)

Liam starts to perk up...and then throws us his smiles and laughs and laughs....
We assume this is all because he is happy to know that we are his parents. :)

And then he suddenly passes out.

First experience with Liam

Things are going good with Liam and we are taken to a restaurant to eat lunch with the other families. William is pretty excited to start taking the first photos of his son....so he just starts shooting away.... My mommy instincts seem to quickly start up...I sense something....something is about to happen....
And then I realize that a "waterfall" comes down my legs and a huge puddle of poo is in my lap. Those Ethiopian diapers from the orphanage definitely do not hold up. How does a little guy like this create this much poo at one time?

At this point, I'm not sure what to do... there is so much...it's everywhere... (be glad this is not documented)
As Robel congratulates Liam on officially entering me into motherhood, I am ....uhhh...
That little stinker.

Well, I passed the entrance exam. I'm not sure how we both got cleaned up...(esp. without a changing room anywhere)...but we survived...and Liam even got fed! But we did have to leave an extra big tip for the ruined chair that we left. Liam has no problem making his mark.

We are taking Liam with us!

We find out today that Liam's health has greatly improved! We are so relieved and happy to be taking him home. This is his nanny saying goodbye to him.

He's still weak and sleepy, but he's doing much better.
We just can't get happier than this.

Liam is starting to perk up as we wait in line to speak to a doctor. . .
William picked out this cute little French toy in Paris just for him. Liam does not seem impressed.
He's wondering who these strange but incredibly happy people are...and why are they sticking this squeeky bug in my face.

February 24, 2009

Waiting....still waiting.... to bring home our son

We continue to wait...praying that Liam's health will improve.
We try to occupy our time to get our minds off the situation.
One of our favorite places was the St. George Art Gallery...here we are with the lead designer and artist, Saba.
We loved Fasika...Ethiopian food and singing. Alazar, our driver went with us and helped us with ordering. Alazar was our driver all week and we just loved him. He spoke great English and was so helpful in teaching us about the culture of Ethiopia. He's a great tour guide and we highly recommend him - call him when you are in Addis Ababa.

Liam is still sick...but that doesn't stop us from going to our appointment at the U.S. Embassy!
We take a nurse with us - and we grab the IV. AWAA and Fortuna, the nurse - were so helpful - Fortuna saved the day!
Fortuna also allowed us take Liam into our hotel room for 2 hours - while she waited for us downstairs. This is our first time alone with him....it was so special. We really cherished this time. But he still wasn't well enough to stay with us.

February 23, 2009

Finally meeting OUR SON!

The day has finally come! It is the day where we get to go to the orphanage and meet our son!!
Unfortunately we find out that Liam is very sick. So sick that he can't even open up his eyes.

Even though Liam is sick, I am still ecstatic just to be able to hold him.

We can't describe the profound experience of our adoption of our beautiful son on this day...in our silly blog. And I'm not even going to attempt to describe it.
But what the heck, I'll post a few photos.

William's first moment with his son!

Ahhh, the day is over...and we aren't taking home our son. His condition does not improve....and all we can do is pray.