December 19, 2009

Christmas, New House, Move... all in one.

We finally moved into our new home (2 year project, whew.) on December 19th. That made for an eventful Christmas. Here's a few pics from our Christmas card shoot. We were all sick (including little Liam), surrounded by moving boxes but we had some great Xmas music in the background - and heck, we even had a mobile Christmas tree to boot. It was still a good time because we laughed a lot at the craziness of our season...and we were a little too excited to move into our new home.

Here's one photo (below) from Christmas 2009. I didn't do so well in catching the moments on film this year. Maybe we will post photos of the finished house project one day....hmmm. Our family came to spend Christmas with us...and they (and our wonderful friends) helped us so much with the move and getting settled in to the new house. They were pretty incredible to help us with all of that during Christmas time.

November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving in Nebraska

Apology: I realize this Thanksgiving post is actually being written on March 19th. Oooops, I'm very sorry. The family blog has been neglected.... but is now revived.

Can you see Liam's name on the flag?
Liam gets a ride from Grandpa with his cousin

All dressed up and no snow to go

Favorite game with Grampa - throwing balls down stairs

Music time with Gramma

Playing ball with cousins

Does Nebraska really have weather this nice in November??

November 25, 2009

1 year ago today...

We saw our son's face for the very first time - on 11/25/08 - and received our official referral. Words can't explain what it was like for us to get that phone call and open up that email to see the first photo of him.
And soon afterwards, we were off to celebrate Thanksgiving with our family and were able to share the photo with our relatives and celebrate. And now, a year later, we are celebrating Thanksgiving again - and instead of a photo to share - we have our son with us to introduce to many....including his great grandmother!

We are so thankful.

November 08, 2009

Birthday Bash for YaYa in Galveston

A special birthday celebration for Grandma in Galveston - Liam's first beach experience!
Well, besides Coney Island - but that didn't really count.

Uncle Chris takes Liam into the water. It was a bit cold, but still nice weather.

Checking out the jellyfish with Daddy.

Reading a favorite book with Ya Ya

Checking out the tide with mommy as Ya Ya looks on...
It's coming in!
Early morning walk with Daddy in the jammies.

I love to play patty cake
Window watching with Ya Ya
Let's go fly a kite. Can you spot the kite?
Happy Birthday Ya Ya!

October 31, 2009

Halloween visit from Uncle and Aunty

Yayyyy! Playtime with Aunt Megan and Uncle Edward!

Mmmmm...visit to the candy store - these look seriously good.

Ordering malt shakes and more candy....
Apparently we have an uncontrollable need to purchase candy and sugary treats on Halloween day, thinking that we might fall short that evening.

Halloween evening is here!

Liam is so happy to spend his first Halloween with Aunt and Uncle.

Liam is so excited that it's hard to get him to sit still in his wagon for his photograph with our Sears portrait Halloween background scene.

Practicing his rawwrrrr sounds with Daddy... Still working on timing and voicing on cue.

A pivotal moment, highly anticipated from Liam's parents (ok, just the mother):
Liam's very first knock at his very first door on his very first trick or treat on his very first Halloween!
The familial paparazzi surrounds the Lion in multi-media. The excitement is contagious and brings witches, goblins and zombie hockey players out of the house to admire Liam the lion in all his cuteness.
He wins over lots of chocolate for mom, dad, aunt, uncle and babysitter.

Liam's first official grab in the candy bowl!

Taking Aunt and Uncle out for good ol' Texas BBQ

Working off those pork ribs.

Still working off those ribs.

Showing Aunt and Uncle some favorite Austin scenery in hopes of persuading them to visit again soon.