November 19, 2008

Gotta Break it down to Build it back Up

Oooh, the joy of home renovation. Such parallels in housebuilding projects as to the patterns of life... we have so much to learn.
Right now, we are in the . . .
1. Tear down and destroy phase.

This phase is quite therapeutic for those who are doing the destroying. I participated as an active destroyer for a few moments, and can attest that the physical exertion of pure destruction not only destructs free radicals ... but any other negative molecules that might be bothering you.
It basically gives you superhero powers as soon as your hand wraps around the tool that you may be using (mine being a large axe. . . I highly recommend that one.)

This phase, however, is not therapeutic for the homeowner, especially as the homeowner is standing back to watch the "show". I highly do not recommend watching. Stay at the office, go to the dentist, clean out your neighbor's gutters. Anything to keep yourself away from the destruction. A bit like watching someone taking your own freshly manicured fingernails to scratch against their chalkboard.

1 comment:

Matt said...

Therapudic for sure! Nothing like a 60,000 pound machine to get the Testosterone flowing! I love what I do for a living... - Matt Risinger