December 29, 2008

Court Date

Our court date in Addis Ababa is 2/2/09

We have a 30% chance of failing due to bureaucratic issues that are beyond our control.
We have a representative through our wonderful adoption agency - AWAA - who will be representing our case. We don't have to be in Ethiopia for this court date.

If we pass this court date - then baby Chan is legally and forever ours.
And we will leave for Ethiopia a few weeks later - and have him home in February!

If we fail this court date, then it could take 1-2 months just to get another court date.

We need prayer.

December 18, 2008

Christmas carolers

Testing out the mobile blogging feature. I had a surprise last night
at my doorstep and of course, had my phone on me. I couldn't resist
taking a picture of their sweetness.

December 16, 2008

Merry Christmas Baby Chan

This pretty much sums up our Christmas this year... along with many others that are adopting children right now.

December 01, 2008

Nebraska Traditions , Thxgvn 2008

Here's a few iphone photos from our annual turkey and Cornhusker pilgrimage to Nebraska. I was too focused on food to take photos with our real camera. We love our time in Hastings and Omaha...each year. Aunt Linda once again amazed us with a perfect feast... and we found out again that a year's time doesn't improve our card-playing skills. Grandma beats us every time.