October 29, 2008

Working in a Guatemalan Orphanage

I had an incredible, life-changing and heart-wrenching experience working in an orphanage in Guatemala. The babies and children were all so beautiful, and of course, I wanted to take them home with me - especially the one above! He was mi favorito!

I don't have the best photos because I lost my camera, but I do have the shots from my iphone.
It was quite a moving experience and I must do it more often - I hope to bring along the rest of the Chan Clan in the future and continue annual mission work as a family tradition. It does wonders for the soul, especially for the spoiled and unaware American (which would be myself). William lived through me vicariously on the trip as we spoke often - and he fell in love the kids too as I sent him photos through my phone. Yes, amazingly, the iphone (old version) works in the middle of rural Guatamala!Not only are the children of Guatemala beautiful, but so are the people! And the country...ahhh!
I had a better view than a 5 star hotel.
I hope to go back soon...and bring William.