July 13, 2008


We went to Vancouver and escaped the heat of the Texan summer - to vacation with William's brother and his wife. We really enjoyed it, since we had not seen them in so long! Lots of food, lots of walking with maps. . . and we even sneaked the Wall-E movie into the schedule.

We went up to Capilano Suspension bridge and explored the treehouses in a lush forest, right near the city. The bridge was pretty wobbly, but we survived the walk. A long way down, but the views were spectacular (if I only would have had more nerve to stand still and enjoy it).


DorT said...

I wondered where you had dissapeared off to! Looks wonderful. Another place to add the the list of future destinations.

Deji said...

Yeah, I don't think I would have hung out on the bridge to enjoy the view either :-)

Zack & Rebecca Caldwell said...

What a beautiful place!