July 24, 2008

Rocky Mountain High

That's right, John Denver coming at you.

We just returned from the mountains of Colorado!

Here are some of our friends that lived in Glen Eyrie...a retreat were we were staying in Colorado.

Glen Eyrie was a find. It's a peaceful place - and very beautiful, and very, very easy on the wallet.

Can you find William?
Can you find Shelley?
The grounds were gorgeous - in the heart of Colorado Springs. The Glen Eyrie Castle was originally a house for the founder of the city. It was given to the ministry - The Navigators -
and is today used as a facility for Christian retreats (and for vacationers like ourselves who are lucky enough to discover it).

Here we are at the Garden of the Gods...

Here we are heading up Pikes Peak on the Cog. This was definitely our favorite on the trip...

Some moments of pure bliss...

The place where Katherine Lee Bates was inspired to write America the Beautiful

The Seven Falls...

We decided to see what all the fuss was about and checked out the Broadmoor.
Excitement was in the air because they were preparing to host the Senior Open.

Here's the view from our room.


DorT said...

Absolutely brilliant! Nothing like returning to nature. We were just talking abouve visiting Colorado next year around Thanksgiving. You both look very well indeed!

Jori said...

You guys are travelers!! We live in Idaho and love nature and the mountains ~ It looks like you had a great time!
DTE 02/19 either x2

Heather said...

Hi Shelley - We met at the Austin ET event at Phil's recently. I just came across your blog and what a fun treat to check out CO pictures. We lived in Denver a few years and so miss the mountains. You guys are quite the travelers! Hope to catch up with ya'll again soon.