June 01, 2008

Going back to Harvard

We traveled to Boston for William's 10 yr business school reunion - and it was also the year for their 100 year centennial celebration. What an experience for me - they make quite an event out of the reunions. It was a packed schedule full of fun - and well organized - and lots of positive energy and wonderful people.

Here are:
the official photos

Can you find us in the slideshow?

Here I am strolling around the HBS campus taking shots between classes. I wouldn't mind being a student again. My favorite building...
William actually showed up a few days late, b/c of business travel,

so I ventured the Harvard classes alone - here's Benson Shapiro discussing commoditization and pricing. I sneaked a pic with my iphone. HBS organizes special classes for reunion attendees during reunion week.

William arrives and gives me a tour of his old stomping grounds - here he is in the business school library. HBS is "separate" from the general Harvard campus - it looks like an elite country club across the river. :)

Lovely strolling pathways...

Flowers and green vines are everywhere....

William's old dorm...

One of the last lectures that we attend...this professor, David Gergen, has been a presidential advisor to 4 US presidents. He discussed the upcoming presidential election and the delicate status of our country.

William taking me to his old gym. The only gym that I've seen with beautiful gardens and fancy art on the wall next to a sweaty guy on a treadmill.

William and Karen - a friend and classmate.Our hotel and the Boston Library. Our Sat night event was held at the library - beautiful place.

The Saturday evening ball...