April 26, 2008

Carmen breaks Hiatus

The blog has been neglected this entire year! I'm happy to announce the hiatus is over and the Chans are back to blogging again. Come say hi to us and send us your own blog links.

We went to the brand new Long Center to see the opera, Carmen. The Long Center is Austin's new dual theatre which was "recycled" from the old Palmer Auditorium. We really appreciate the thought that went into this building - and especially the design. Here's a favorite article on the building process: Recycling Palmer into the new Arts Center.

Carmen is the ultimate classic opera...perfect for an introduction to the Long Center! If only they had produced a sing along version and we knew French. You can witness my 1st introduction to Carmen just below...an amazing rendition via Sesame Street :)

Here's some silly shots from our phone.