December 18, 2007


We are visiting Beijing for the first time! We saw the Forbidden City, The Great Wall, The Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace among a few other things.

Here's William at the entrance of the Forbidden city with Mao welcoming everyone at the Tiananmen gate:

Inside, there were many buildings, and most were being renovated for the 2008 Olympics.

In the Emperor's Garden, we took a shot in front of the "Embracing Tree".

We saw many ... actually hundreds (if not thousands) senior citizens dancing, singing and doing all sorts of interesting recreational activities in the streets and parks. They are very fit!

We had a refreshing tea ceremony at the end of our day, sampling many types of looseleaf tea - our favorite being oolong.

We were able to connect up with an old childhood friend of William's (from Kuantan) who now lives in Beijing with her husband and two children. We had a fabulous Peking duck dinner!

We traveled to the Great Wall... and enjoyed a steep journey to view this amazing wonder of the world.

We also visited the Emperor's tombs. When the Emperor died, his concubines had to commit suicide and hang themselves immediately so they could be buried near him.

We saw the Temple of Heaven which was surrounded by parks where many elders were seen enjoying life. Dancing, Hackey-Sack, Badminton, Calligraphy, Tai Chi ...

These are hundreds of people gathering together... to simply sing! For no apparent reason - but to sing in the park.

Here's the temple...

One of our favorite spots was the Summer Palace, a "lake house" for the royal family. Many houses... many steps... many hand-painted pictures everywhere.

Every lake house needs a boat...

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Anonymous said...

we are officially fighting with you guys - haha - only cuz we are jealous! we're headed to dubai for a few days before we hit ethiopia to pick up sakari...