December 27, 2007

Another Malaysian Christmas

We celebrated Christmas in Malaysia this year, with family and friends. Above is a downtown view of a very modern and hip Kuala Lumpur from our hotel room.

Here's Malaysia providing some competition for Texas, with their gigantic tree decorations and holiday performances.

It's snowing in Malaysia... inside the mall. William enjoys absorbing the foam into his perfectly sculpted hair.

One of our favorite mall performances - a choir singing Christmas songs.... while snowing inside the mall (again!). Texas malls could definitely learn a thing or two from Malaysia.

Here we are enjoying a wonderful dinner (as usual) with William's family in Kuala Lumpur. We love to visit with them!

William reunites with his childhood friends in KL via facebook. I had the treat of hearing some good stories.

After a few days of hanging out in Kaula Lumpur, we are off to see William's mother and father in Kauntan!

We most enjoyed the Christmas show at the church. Lots of singing, dancing and fun... but the most fun was being able to see William's mother line-dancing. Again, Texas can learn a few things from Malaysia :)

We also enjoyed Christmas dinner with friends!

I even got a Malaysian outfit - A Baju Kurung.

More eating, more friends, more delicious times :)

Introducing... Neslo, the new pet puppy of the Chan household.


Anonymous said...

so awesome...glad you guys had a good time! malaysia is on our travel list of places to go...i gotta say...that food looked amazing! :-)

DorT said...

Looks like you had a FAB time. All this talk of food is making me wish it was May already..but mustn't keep wishing my life away!