November 04, 2007

Celebrating 62 years

We're in Houston right now... celebrating my mom's birthday. Today we entertained ourselves at the museum of natural science and visited a traveling exhibit from Ethiopia - "Lucy's Legacy" which included the oldest "human" fossil (discovered in Ethiopia in the 70s). We most enjoyed learning about the cultural history of Ethiopia. It's the only country in Africa that has never been colonized.

We also explored the butterfly center at the museum. We enjoyed the fluttering butterflies and the crawling creatures.... this (incredible!) one crawled right up to us:

We also meandered around Hermann Park for awhile... right there in the museum district.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Sam Houston, marching on!

"You can never know what turn is around the bend, but you have to leave it in God's hands" "Mom", Nov. 4th 2007


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Fadia & Stephen Farrell said...

Sorry we missed you and William in Houston:( Your pictures look fabulous. Glad you guy's had fun at the museum!!