November 11, 2007

Holiday Season is officially here

Christmas Season is here.... yes, that's right I typed the word Christmas... not Holiday. This is a radical blog that might be considered offensive, beware.

Here's a new Christmas song from Bo Pepper

We were in Houston last week taking care of some business and stopped in the Galleria.
I've never had the honor... but on this spontaneous day... it happened. We witnessed the Christmas tree going up! It's stuck right in the center of the Galleria - in the middle of the ice skating rink (and I caught it with my iphone camera)

This is not your ordinary tree... but it defines the very popular philosophy here in our homestate: "We do things bigger in Texas".

Lots of electricity to keep this tree lit...check out the plugs:


Dina said...

Oh my word! A true supersize moment. Christmas has sprung up here too and has been here in the shops since the end of October. Super early this year. What's the rush?

shawn and tisha said...

Wow! That is a BIG tree. I am looking forward to Christmas time! :)
Tisha (awaa yg)