November 26, 2007

Another Nebraskan Thanksgiving

We traveled to a very frigid Nebraska for Thanksgiving again this year. Below is our family... can you tell who the out-of-towners are?

First we spent some time in Omaha with my dad's wonderful newlywed wife, Nancy and her sweet family.

A recurring theme at all family gatherings throughout the cold prairies of Nebraska is...
CARDS! One must play cards, no matter how zoned out you are from all the turkey. William is still having trouble adapting to this ritual.

But he has definitely adapted to the ritual of overeating... and even developed his skills as a baby whisperer.

The day after Thanksgiving, we rose before the break of dawn for a 2 hour drive to Hastings - a city where most of my extended family still resides. My dad brought 18 lbs of his famous prime rib and I was in charge of keeping it warm in the back seat. We traveled through parking lots of crazed and frantic shoppers at 6am.

But we still made it!

Unfortunately, we were too busy gorging ourselves with the fabulous feast that we forgot to capture the moment of the amazing food. Ooops, we'll try again next year.

And the card games begin... again! If not, we would all just pass out on the floor from stuffing our faces with delicious food...

William is still struggling with finding the time to play cards.... Instead he finds solace with the small fry. Actually, he was looking for someone to play some video games.... he needed a partner!

This is an example of my dad's "nice, dumb guy" poker strategy....

before he smacks it to you with an evil eye and a royal flush.

Here's Grandma... she may look sweet, but she's the queen of bluff and takes her card playing seriously! (I was in trouble when I was her partner) :)

And cousin Darren? His strategy keep us wondering.
As always, we really enjoyed our Thanksgiving time in Nebraska. We are thankful for our fabulous family. And thankful for being together.

November 11, 2007

Holiday Season is officially here

Christmas Season is here.... yes, that's right I typed the word Christmas... not Holiday. This is a radical blog that might be considered offensive, beware.

Here's a new Christmas song from Bo Pepper

We were in Houston last week taking care of some business and stopped in the Galleria.
I've never had the honor... but on this spontaneous day... it happened. We witnessed the Christmas tree going up! It's stuck right in the center of the Galleria - in the middle of the ice skating rink (and I caught it with my iphone camera)

This is not your ordinary tree... but it defines the very popular philosophy here in our homestate: "We do things bigger in Texas".

Lots of electricity to keep this tree lit...check out the plugs:

November 04, 2007

Celebrating 62 years

We're in Houston right now... celebrating my mom's birthday. Today we entertained ourselves at the museum of natural science and visited a traveling exhibit from Ethiopia - "Lucy's Legacy" which included the oldest "human" fossil (discovered in Ethiopia in the 70s). We most enjoyed learning about the cultural history of Ethiopia. It's the only country in Africa that has never been colonized.

We also explored the butterfly center at the museum. We enjoyed the fluttering butterflies and the crawling creatures.... this (incredible!) one crawled right up to us:

We also meandered around Hermann Park for awhile... right there in the museum district.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Sam Houston, marching on!

"You can never know what turn is around the bend, but you have to leave it in God's hands" "Mom", Nov. 4th 2007