October 28, 2007

Stairway to Heaven (Chan Style)

So last night... at midnight, Guitar Hero came out... and of course, William had to be there standing in line ~ which means, we got one! Guitar Hero is the latest Wii game created especially for wannabe rock stars and/or air guitar extremists. It's actually pretty fun. As you can see from above, William rocks.

The concept is very simple - but scoring high is more difficult than it looks. It's a challenge to keep the rhythm without losing score. I have a feeling that the next version will give points for keeping the correct head banging rhythm.

With all of these incredible games coming out... it's making me wonder how much smarter the next generation is going to be - than us! These Wii games have some interesting potential to develop motor/music/athletic skills. But for us, it's better for achieving our alter egos. Right now, as I type, William is jamming and screaming to The Ramone's, "I wanna rock n' roll all night (and party every day)". At least it's moving away from the Guns and Roses songs. He usually beats me at the video games, but I'm tempted to work a bit harder with this one... competition is coming.

I can't believe I missed the opportunity to capture the blogging moment for our debut of the DDR extravaganza... a few months ago (Dance, Dance, Revolution!) I'm bummed I missed getting photographs of the dancing skills.... maybe next time...


Dina said...

Stand aside Brian May! Make may The Edge! Here comes William. (I think we need to thing of a catchy stage name next)

Andrea said...

Welcome to the AWAA group! I feel like I know you a little aready. Pete and I had our prayer day the other day and we prayed for you and thought about how God could help you in the phase of your adoption process. So glad to get to meet you and I look forward to following your journey!