September 26, 2007


We've started watching Ken Burn's 7 part documentary, The War.

We are in awe of the WWII veterans...and humbled.

"For the past six years we have striven to create a documentary film series about the Second World War in that spirit. Ours has been, in part, a humbling attempt to understand “the things men do in war, and the things war does to them” (as Phil Caputo so aptly noted). . . Over the course of the film’s nearly fifteen hours more than forty men and women opened their hearts to us about the war they knew -- and which we, their inheritors, could only imagine. . .we have tried to illuminate the intimate, human dimensions of a global catastrophe that took the lives of between 50 and 60 million people -- of whom more than 400,000 were Americans. . . The real war involves getting down there and killing people. And being killed yourself or just barely escaping it. And it gives you attitudes about life and death that are unobtainable anywhere else. . .Throughout the series, one theme has stayed constant, one idea has continually emerged as we have gotten to know the brave men and women whose stories it has been our privilege to tell: in extraordinary times, there are no ordinary lives."


Dina said...

There are never any winners in war. Just extrodinary people, fighting to survive in inordinate circumstances and living to tell their own tales.

Julie Clegg said...

I have been watching that same documentary....May God bless all our veterans abundantly!