July 01, 2007

Trying to let some wisdom rub off on us...

Tonight, thanks to a special invite from our favorite friends/family, we were honored to have dinner with the honorable. I usually don't like to type out full names... but I'll say that he was the Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court and an associate justice during the 60s, 70s and 80s! Wow. To witness and create the changing state legislation from those decades must have been exciting ... and about all I can relate to is recognizing the top 10 radio hits from those years.

He was one of the first residents in Westlake (currently an affluent community in Austin) when it was a popular spot for moonshine production... what a tidbit. At an impressive 94 years old he had many words of wisdom for us.... I think my favorite gem was:

"In life you can get anything you want, but be careful of what you want."

He first came to Austin for UT law school in 1935 and reminisced about the state of the city... which included trolley cars! We certainly don't get enough opportunities to spend time with the wise elders of our community.... and we definitely don't take this one for granted. A man like this makes you proud to be a Texan. (even a transplanted Texan!)

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