July 25, 2007


Colorado is a nice place to go in the middle of the summer when you are a Texan. We were honored to attend the staff conference for Campus Crusade for Christ. CCC has over 70 ministries under it's care and thousands of their staff attend training and events each summer at the CSU campus in Fort Collins. We were lucky enough to be there for a few days for some events.

William was able to re-connect with his mentor from his undergrad days at Cornell. It had been over 15 years - and it was great for me to experience the first-hand impact from CCC - just from witnessing this reunion.

We've both been to a lot of conferences, seminars, etc.... but to be able to attend an event where the thousands that are among you are the ones that have totally given up their lives for God ... is a bit profound. And the people we met were so accomplished, bright and ....yes...normal. The president, Steve Douglass, received his engineering degree at MIT and went on the Harvard Business school.... and then went directly to serve at CCC for 30 years, before becoming the organization's leader. Can you imagine his exit interviews at HBS? I love it.

My favorite speaker discussed how to "end strong" in life... with God. He said that sometimes our lives might seem to fall out from under us and catch us in total surprise. But in reality - the warning signs are always there....we sometimes tend to conveniently ignore them. His three action points were:
1)Walking Humbly Phil 2:3
2)Walking Continually Psa 1:2
3) Walking Passionately Matt 24:12

And these are the warning signs.... we had a grand time fessing up to our own. Tip: This works much better if you discuss it with someone who will actually hold you accountable.... in love :)

1) Walking Humbly
*Proneness to offense or anger
*Difficulty submitting
*Insisting doing things "my way"
*Looking down on certain people
*Saying, "I deserve this perk"
*Difficulty in being transparent

2) Walking Contnually
*Being distracted by worries
*Being distracted by activities
*Being slow to repent sin
*Leaving the door open for temptation
*Not making restitution right away

3) Walking Passionately
*Experiencing weariness in long term service
*Feeling overwhelmed & exhausted
*Not setting aside enough time for God during the day

July 15, 2007

William got a new piano!

We found a great piano that fits in the house. When William said he played the piano when he was young.... I pretty much thought "oh yeah, me too... and the violin, and the guitar, and the bongos... and even the recorder. Yeah, I remember yankee doodle dandy, I think".
Then after he set it up and out came Für Elise , my jaw dropped. I was mesmerized by this amazing new man that I knew as my husband. Who was this talented person?

We have his inspiring mother to thank for this. . . William's mother had him and his brother and sister take lessons for many years. Now William (after a 20 yr hiatus) is practicing again.

Besides myself, William's biggest fan is Sopapilla, his cat. Here she is perking up through the window, as William starts playing...

Sopapilla is seen below taking my usual spot here on the chaise lounge. This has become my favorite place to unwind each evening while catching some live music. I really like being Mrs. Chan.

July 12, 2007


I celebrated girlfriend time with some special friends in Las Vegas. Even though, we were there on the infamous 7/7/7 date, and staying on the 7th floor as an added bonus... I can attest there was no luck to be found in the $$ winnings among my crowd. Although, I can't believe that I didn't gamble once.... either I'm a wimp or just a rebel of society.

But I can report an abundance of bride sightings. We witnessed this efficient ceremony (see above) of 10 different brides at once.... Las Vegas is so impressive on the marriage process. They even doubled up the ceremony as live entertainment for the hotel guests as they swam in the pool.

Food in Vegas is fabulous. They have six story chocolate fountains.

My favorite was definitely the opera singers on the gondolas on the Canal at the Venetian.

We stayed at the Bellagio. Their fountain shows are incredible. I never realized that I'd enjoy huge water streams dancing to the tunes of Celine Dion.

Glass flower meadows on the ceiling...

We celebrated Dawn's birthday as well... Happy Birthday, Dawn!

July 01, 2007

Trying to let some wisdom rub off on us...

Tonight, thanks to a special invite from our favorite friends/family, we were honored to have dinner with the honorable. I usually don't like to type out full names... but I'll say that he was the Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court and an associate justice during the 60s, 70s and 80s! Wow. To witness and create the changing state legislation from those decades must have been exciting ... and about all I can relate to is recognizing the top 10 radio hits from those years.

He was one of the first residents in Westlake (currently an affluent community in Austin) when it was a popular spot for moonshine production... what a tidbit. At an impressive 94 years old he had many words of wisdom for us.... I think my favorite gem was:

"In life you can get anything you want, but be careful of what you want."

He first came to Austin for UT law school in 1935 and reminisced about the state of the city... which included trolley cars! We certainly don't get enough opportunities to spend time with the wise elders of our community.... and we definitely don't take this one for granted. A man like this makes you proud to be a Texan. (even a transplanted Texan!)