June 13, 2007

Houston Trip

We finally traveled to Houston for a visit.... it had been awhile. We visited my family. We ate lots and lots of meat at this non-vegan spot. (Hah to those who know me as a raw vegan). I didn't actually take the above picture -(the amazing Alyssa Anders did) I cheated... but it was taken the week before :)

We also picked up some photography art... from a friend of ours who is a real talent. So this is a plug - Check him out. Especially if you are getting married. He travels to you as well.


This shot is taken in Israel - in Sinai. Ok, my photograph definitely doesn't do it justice! But you can check out the image on his website above. It's a great picture - and was special to us since we recently visited Israel.

Also, while I'm at it... we just bought this artwork.... while we were in Wimberley... so tell me, what do you think? Please share your interpretations in the comments :)

I'm thinking both pieces of art belong next to each other. Being lost in the desert for 40 yrs comes to mind. I love the Old Testament story. It reminds me of the common problem in all generations - lack of faith. I'm hoping that this will bring out a few "roaming the desert" stories from our guests. . . and better yet... some promised land stories.

Yes, really - that's what people do when they come over to our house - look at the walls and discuss art. Ok, fine. I'm lying. ... they actually just play the Wii.

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brad said...

the figure to the far left seems to be waiting (at a comfortable, respectable distance) for the person (man?) next to the tree. and perhaps the figure in the distance has already left the tree and is moving away from the viewer. so it seems that people are travelling through this desert to visit this special tree. is the man by the tree wearing a blindfold? where are his hands? is he going to the bathroom???? :) (my shallowness shines through!) okay, i'm sure it's deeper than that. seriously, maybe this tree is a place of worship or place of spiritual focus? there is obviously some committment by these people to come to this spot, and there is something keeping this tiny oasis/tree alive in this barren place.