April 24, 2007

Spring in Austin

Our flowers have bloomed! William's roses still came back this year.

Springtime in Austin means wildflowers. Since we live in "central Austin", this means that most of the residents take a break from mowing their lawn.... to celebrate the wildflower season.

Our neighbors are some of the most spirited ones in all the city!

They are everywhere! Even among the highways and roads - the government also keeps in the spirit as they take a hiatus from mowing as well.

Spring also brings the annual MS-150 - a group bike ride from Houston to Austin. We were able to see one of our best friends fly in again this year - He continues to raise money each year to find a cure for MS. Please consider sending in a donation. Deji inspires us each year.

This year he was joined by Brad and Steve. Congratulations, guys!