March 18, 2007

Sunday painting in the neighborhood

Today we painted ... in a little park (with a creek!) down the street from our house. It was most exciting for me... as my one request to William to celebrate my birthday.... for both of us to spend the afternoon painting together. I'm not the only one who thinks that creativity improves overall health and productivity. William was a trooper and suffered all the way through with a smiling effort. We'll let you know if it makes an impact in our workday on Monday... as we continue to create, "business style" in the realm of software & internet product development :)

Neither of us are especially talented, but hey, I believe that God calls us to create with Him in mind. One of my frustrations with popular "modern art" in the Christian world is that it . . . lacks. I know there are great Christian artists out there, but they seem to be hard to find.

I think my feelings are summed up in this blog posting.

I found this 56 page sampling of the book, Addicted to Mediocrity: 20th Century Christians and the Arts. " In this provocative book, Franky Schaeffer shows how Christians today have sacrificed the artistic prominence they enjoyed for centuries and settled instead for mediocrity". Looks good... I hope it inspires "real" artists out there in the creative world (besides the lackluster attempts at "Chan" art). May God help us all!

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