March 15, 2007

Going deep in San Francisco

So I went to a Christian conference in San Francisco...along with 9,000 other women this past weekend. Kay Arthur, Beth Moore, and Priscilla Shirer were the speakers. These women are refreshing teachers and have this incredible authenticity that isn't always available in the modern church today.

Three lessons that I personally took away from it that resonated in my mind were...

1) God is a just God - there are consequences for our decisions and actions. This is conveyed throughout the old testament (and new as well) Sometimes this message seems to be clouded over in some venues... but I think it's important for me to always recognize this throughout the I make decisions in the normal occurrences of life.

2) God is not looking for perfection . . .He is looking for passion. "I have found David, a man after my own heart" Acts 13:22 I love this lesson.... and only God can know our true passions - we can't hide ourselves in anything else.

3) We have to be still. . . to go deep. "Be still and know that I am God" Psalm 46:10 .... This reminded me of the importance of prioritization as we live in this overworked society of achievement and hyperspeed activity while staying in "our zone". A good reminder for me to get out of my zone...and into God.


The Taras Family said...

Hey Shelley! Looks like you guys had a great time. How neat to be out in creation and reflecting on the greatness of God!

I know nothing of art- but I think that mediocrity among christians today effects all aspects of our lives. If we have mediocre thoughts about God and reflects all that we do- we won't be able to be anything but mediocre. I pray that my thoughts about God are worthy of all that He is...and all that He says about Himself in His word! That those thoughts would humble me and show me the depths of my heart and pitiful state...and give me such passion and thankfulness for the cross.

I heard a great quote one time...can't remember who said it. "What we think about God is the most importannt thing about us."

The Taras Family said...

Oh yes...and Happy Birthday :)