October 06, 2006

Poppa Johnson got married!

Yes, it's true, Bob Johnson got married last weekend! To a wonderful lady . . . Nancy.
We went to Omaha to be a few of the honored witnesses of the ceremony.

From the oldest guests, Grandma Johnson - who just found new love and got married herself this year! ... to a very sweet man, Archie. Doesn't marriage look good on her? ....to the youngest guest, the first grandchild... who smiled at us.

and Nancy's children....

And afterwards we ate a deliciously prepared feast...Dad's famous prime rib.
And spent some time with the most popular pastimes in Nebraska...playing cards and watching the Cornhuskers.
Sometimes the games get pretty intense :) It was a wonderful weekend and we were blessed to be able to enjoy being there during the special time. Nancy is definitely a cherished addition to the family...and we couldn't be happier for Dad.