July 15, 2006

New Redhead in the family

After 34 years of blondeness......

It's a little strange to get used to ...but I have dark hair for the first time in my life. I'll let you all know the results of the social experiment. William even got me flowers for the occasion - how sweet is he ~ note the symbolism of the red and yellow flowers :) I think it's a blog-worthy moment, what can I say?

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Jeremy N Jess said...

Hi William And Shelley!

Sorry I never responded to your comment on my blog--I just now read it! :( Don't know how I missed it.

But anyways, it looks like your blog is working well now! I never actually figured out what was wrong with our blog--just kept trying new templates until one worked! Bloggers support line is pretty non-existent... I tried changing the HTML and everything... Nothing could fix it. But we're all good now!

Oh, and to answer your question, yes, we got married in May 05 as well! 21st to be specific. Looks like you guys got married the same day our good friends, Todd and Paige married! (They were originally gonna marry in Sept, but, I guess, felt the need to one-up us and go the week before... ;-) I'm kidding, they didn't wanna one-up us... They just wanted to get married!)

Okay, this is long (sorry!), but I just wanted to say SOMETHING since I never responded to ya before. Glad to hear your year's been well (and the red is a nice color for ya!)