June 30, 2006

New Wheels (and even better, new GPS!)

Someone crashed into me (Shelley) and totaled my car so we had to search for a new one. I wasn't severly hurt but still trying to get over the aches and pains from "soft tissue damage" through Pilates, physical therapy and medical massages. Good stuff - it works! Here's our current favorite car in the garage...and seriously... our favorite product of the year is the Garmin portable GPS... it is the best! We can never go back to unfolding a map again.


mary brent said...

GPS... ahhh. a brilliant invention that so enamours the male species with electronic gadgetry that they are completely oblivious to the fact that it's merely a variation of the forbidden "asking for directions"! :)

angie said...

sorry about your accident. i understand about the medical massages. i've been getting deep tissue massages from my chiropractor. it really helps. hope you're back to 100%. i know it takes a while.