February 21, 2006

Entrepreneur II

There's another budding entrepreneur in the family...
William has rubbed off on me and inspired me to go into business for myself. Many thanks to God for this opportunity.

After a lot of research, I decided to explore technology on the internet. Bottom line, I'm jumping on the web 2.0 train. The business is called Potter's Work, inspired by Isaiah 64:8. I'm currently working on a few projects including an e-card application, a fashion web commmunity, a website for Christian females...and a few more. I'm also working on a teen blog with my best friend from high school days, Erica, which has been refreshing and fun. A blessing that has come through all of this recently, is that I have a new business partner, Dawn Drewry. She is smarter than me and much more calm... if I'm lucky, she'll keep with me. I'm also blessed with a very wise business consultant who often mentors me in this venture... my amazing husband.

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Xu said...

It's interesting to see the name Dawn Drewry on the spec of AMD I'm reviewing. World is small.