January 17, 2006

Israel Trip

We pilgrimaged to the Holy Land....

Here's the Sea of Galilee. Beyond our honeymoon, this was the best trip either one of us has ever experienced in our life. We traveled with a group of 35 from our church, Hyde Park. Our pastor led us and gave sermons at most spots that we visited. We also had "the best guide in all of Israel" - Avi. He was a Jewish Israeli and seemed to know the entire Old and New Testament - by heart. We were impressed by his knowledge and his Israeli military background. He was full of stories and helped make our trip memorable - and we couldn't take enough notes or photographs. We even got baptized - both of us for the first time (full immersion) - in the Jordan river, by our pastor, Dr. Bowman. We landed in Tel Aviv and traveled through Tiberias, Capernaum, Caesarea, Nazareth and Jerusalem...and more. The learning and experiences were non-stop and it validated a lot of our studies over the years. God keeps getting more interesting.

Check out our Israel photo album below: