December 24, 2005

Holiday Season 2005

The Chan's 1st Christmas

We did buy the monumental "1st Christmas together" tree ornament. But I believe that is the only documentation from the event :) We forgot to take photographs. We were much too busy with relaxation activities. And also, the next day we were heading off to Israel. We spent time with family (Mum, Charlie & brother, Chris) in Houston. (with a mild marathon line of presents in the morning). Here's our Xmas card photo and here's some shots from Erica's annual X-mas dinner - the last time I went to a party with the old gang from Austin was 1998! Pre-children times, and the adults, aka 20- somethings, were the ones opening up the toys. Thanks for the party, Erica :)

Thanksgiving in Nebraska!!

It has become a tradition for Shelley to spend Thanksgiving in Nebraska and now for the past 2 years, it has become a tradtion for William as well.

Although William could do without the bitter cold, he is learning to survive in Shelley's home state. We experienced dinner with our usual amazing hosts, Aunt Linda and Llyod. There's always too much delicious food and an annual game of cards. I always need help shooting the moon. I seem to have a recurring problem of keeping a conscious state for the heavy competition after the fantastic meal. Here's Aunt Linda and Llyod below...and isn't Grandma beautiful?

We also visited the Daugherty' Aunt Rosella (a life mentor for me!) and my Uncle Glen. William was excited to learn about farm life...and most impressed with the mega machinery. It's nice to be able to relax in Hastings. We also were able to visit with my cousins...if you are in need of some nice candles that smell wonderful or would like a new way to raise money at your next fundraiser, check out my cousin's business. They have a brand new manufacturing facility...a very charming place.