May 27, 2005

Celebration continues

More . . . and more . . ...celebrations! We were given wonderful dinner receptions in Kuala Lampur and Singapore to celebrate the wedding with William's families. I really love William's family and felt at home with them. We spent most of our time in Kuala Lampur visiting with family and exploring the city. We also met up with William's childhood friend, Andrew. We were able to spend more time with William's parents (who had just returned from the States to attend our wedding) and also his sister, Elaine and her husband and children, Joshua, Ruth and Sara. It was a treat to finally meet them. Kuala Lampur is a beautiful and modern place and very westernized, and is an Islamic state. William's family is the most hospitable, friendly and welcoming group of people that I have ever encountered. I am blessed with the best in-laws :) Singapore was even more westernized and very clean, as to be expected. We also were able to meet some of William's friends from college days that had moved back to Singapore. I am looking forward to returning and hope we get back very soon.

Reception Photos:

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